MOBCOIN: Bridging Governance, Gaming, and Rewards in the Crypto Gambinos Ecosystem


This whitepaper introduces MOBCOIN, a pivotal element of the Crypto Gambinos NFT Project ecosystem. MOBCOIN functions as a governance tool for community decisions and an in-game currency within the family's inaugural business venture. Notably, Crypto Gambinos introduces a 5% utility fee on token sales, where 2.5% contributes to a liquidity pool and the remaining 2.5% enriches the family treasury. This treasury distribution occurs quarterly, enhancing the reciprocity between the community and the family's businesses.


MOBCOIN is the native token of the Crypto Gambinos NFT Project ecosystem, designed to empower the community through decentralized governance and foster engagement within the in-game economy. With a fixed supply of 777,777,777, MOBCOIN symbolizes stability and community-driven growth.


Token Symbol: MOB

Token Name: MOBCOIN

Total Supply: 777,777,777 (Fixed)

Governance Through MOBCOIN DAO:

The Crypto Gambino community governs itself through the MOBCOIN DAO, a decentralized governance framework supporting the Ecosystem Fund. MOBCOIN holders participate in the proposal process to vote on how the Ecosystem Fund is distributed, promoting diversity and sustainability within the ecosystem.

Membership in MOBCOIN DAO:

Participation in idea submission, commentary, proposal submission, and voting is exclusive to MOBCOIN DAO members. The only requirement for DAO membership is holding at least one MOBCOIN, ensuring a direct link between governance and token ownership.

In-Game Currency:

MOBCOIN serves as the primary in-game currency within the Crypto Gambinos family's first business venture. Players can utilize MOBCOIN to purchase in-game assets, unlock features, and participate in exclusive events, enhancing the gaming experience through blockchain integration.

Profit-Sharing Mechanism:

A standout feature of Crypto Gambinos is its commitment to reward MOBCOIN holders with a percentage of profits generated by the family's businesses. This innovative model aligns the interests of the community with the success of the ecosystem, ensuring that when the family prospers, so do the token holders.

Utility Fee:

A 5% utility fee is applied when selling MOBCOIN. Of this, 2.5% contributes to a liquidity pool, enhancing market stability, while the remaining 2.5% enriches the family treasury.

Treasury Distribution:

The family treasury, fortified by the utility fee, undergoes quarterly redistribution to each MOBCOIN holder. This cyclic process reinforces the connection between the community and the family's businesses, promoting a continuous flow of benefits.

Airdrop to NFT Holders:

Upon the sell-out of the Crypto Gambinos NFT collection, 10,000 MOBCOIN will be airdropped to all 7,777 NFT holders. This gesture reinforces the connection between the NFT community and MOBCOIN, fostering collaboration and mutual benefit.


Q1 2024: MOBCOIN Token Launch

Q2 2024: Integration with Crypto Gambinos NFT Project

Q3 2024: In-Game Economy Implementation

Q4 2024: Profit-Sharing and Treasury Redistribution Commence

In Conclusion:

MOBCOIN stands as the backbone of the Crypto Gambinos ecosystem, embodying a vision where governance, gaming, and rewards seamlessly converge. By holding MOBCOIN, you become an active participant in shaping the future of the Crypto Gambinos family and enjoying the benefits of its success.

Join the Crypto Gambinos community and experience a new era where NFTs, decentralized governance, and in-game economies unite under the banner of MOBCOIN.